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About me
I'm Taddeo Zacchini and I'm a graphics and User Interface designer and a fan photographer.
Thanks to experience working for companies and graphic agencies, and to my studies at ISIA in Urbino and at IUAV University of Venice, I have acquired the knowledge to be able to realize a complete graphical system. For several years the Internet has allowed me to renew my graphical knowledge, allowing me to reach new solutions that could fit the request of every user who navigates in the wonderful universe of the Web. My passion for photography leads me to realize photos not just as a job but for a real emotive involvement and fascination for this incredible form of art.

My principal specialization is in Graphical User Interface Design applied to a Web Service and mobile device.

Currently I'm working as a UI Designer at Google in Mountain View, California.
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My features

  • I have good knowledge of, and skills in, several fields: editorial, Web and multimedia design, typography and photography. Using these different skills I can create projects from conception to actual realization.
  • While designing, I try to balance usability and standard elements with other design criteria.
  • In my job my “hands” are: pencils, drawing pens, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, HTML and CSS code.
  • Innovating and designing interactive products and services through the main processes of design: design storyboard, scenario, personas, flowchart, wireframe and prototype.
  • In Summer 2008 I did a three-month internship at the Nokia Design Studio in London to improve my skill about design and development new Interaction ideas on mobile device.
  • My interest is in the Web universe and User Interface design. I am committed to the idea that through my job I can make people’s lives better.