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    The cake is a lie

    I think games are very important: board, sport, role, puzzle games... All of them. Other than relax and have fun play with it, they can teach you and help to keep in training you creativity and imagination. The eclectic italian designer Bruno Munari use to say that games is a serious business. For me, real games and video games are part of my life and like any good product design, they fascinate me and I use to analyze and study the mechanic, the interface and the ideas behind it.

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    Thank you Steve

    What to say...
    I was in a meeting at Google, and hearing Steve Jobs passed away was very shocked. I stopped working and went home.

    I've been so lucky to be part of this historical age. My generation grew up with an already mature Macintosh and iOS that set the bases for modern design an inspired millions of people. We saw the rise of an almost dead company to its most immense success.

    He influenced my life so much. Steve Jobs, creator of Apple, Next and Pixar, changed my life.

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