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Portfolio > .beta: designing web 2.0 interfaces

Today the web has an important role on society. Internet’s potentialities and its development evolve constantly, and it’s hard to forecast exactly the web’s future. In the age of images, society is more influenced by visual artefacts. Now the information is conveyed and diffused by a chancing technology, that’s uncontrollable for its speed. The web is a rational, communal, socio-cultural field and inside it it’s possible to have access to an immense amount of informations, it’s becoming the “new” communicational media: unreal information, not physical information, not material information, it will upset the modern human future. In current society the web’s virtual world coexists with the real life and it’s mixing with it, opening in infinite ways. Within the computerized communication systems, the influx of data is do not necessarily depends on the actions of men, but now takes place in an independent and automatic way. Because of this condition we question how we can successfully implement an appropriate instrument for the actual state of information; it would answers to the new issues meet by graphic design. 
This project consists in an essay about the user graphical interface and a study of the Web 2.0 phenomenon, related to a prototype: Ystle. The research theme advertes in particular to usability concept. While to develop the prototype were realized a specific guidelines of the image.
Thanks to Andrea Biondi for support and his help (biogurt[@]