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Portfolio > Jabe project: user interface

This is a prototype for degree thesis of my Informatic Engineer collaborator Andrea Biondi (biogurt[at] my dear friend that have completed (cleverly!) an important route. The project consists in a realization of a Web service for the sharing of informations about parteciping events. I called it “Web Jamming Point”: users can share informations and multimedia contents about events through the net. A place in Web where people who partecipate to an event (or would do that) can meet and share opinions and materials (audio, video, documents, ecc…). The relevance of an event is not only given by the importance of the event itself (a baptism rather than a fair or the global launch of a movie), but also by the partecipation and the interest of people who join it or collaborate. Anyone can be a user of this system… and anyone who use it does it because of a active interest in keeping that event which he experienced or that is going to happen! Also he could be interested to know what happened even if he was not present. Out of the traditional communication channels, like as “technical” websites that talk about determined matters, and most of all far from press agencies, the event, bringing together people who otherwise couldn’t meet each other, still remains a meeting point even after it’s over and especially it may become a confrontation chance.